Using good design practices at the beginning of the product development cycle will help you avoid common pitfalls.

We believe high quality molds or plastic parts start with a good mold design hence we pay special attention when constructing molds. We work closely with customers to determine details such as parting lines,seal off areas and raw materials selection etc. All molds are carefully designed to maximize its service life, improve ease of maintenance and functionality to meet your expectations.

Our design and engineering technologies consist of:
– Solidworkds
– 3D-CNC milling assisted by Mastercam X

Plastic injection molding is the fastest and most economical way to make thousands or even millions of plastic parts for every application. To get good results requires careful application of sound design principles at the early stage of the product development. Request a quote today.


We manufacture plastic injection molding and parts at lower cost compare to the competition. If you are interested in our products and services, the following are what we need to get started

1. Request a Quote
2. Have your Drawings/Files ready

To ensure the integrity of your product, we recommend providing your drawings/files in IGS/STEP/STP (preferred format)